Where will the Plants Go?

Rick & Jane Nuth, Shirley & Brian Newton and Roger Sharp met at the War Memorial to consider the first stage of saving the plants in the War Memorial Garden.  The garden will be in the way, and partly covered over, by the conservation work and changes; after the conservation is completed a new, smaller garden will be created with low maintenance plants.  Therefore the existing plants will not be needed.

So the plan is to move them to other locations in the churchyard just before the conservation work starts – given the time of year and the age of the plants we may not be successful with all of the plants – but some should survive.

Today was the day to work out where to put them.  The roses will go to areas long the east-west path to reinforce the rose ‘corridor’ and the lavender, primroses, etc. will go to a new flower bed to be established on the bank opposite the south door where the large conifer used to be.

Today has been the start of the physical aspects of the conservation project!

The work to move the plants will take place at the end of July.

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