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War Memorial Trust Advice Leaflets

This table below contains an index of the most useful leaflets available from the War Memorials Trust (www.warmemorials.org) website regarding the maintenance, conservation and renovation of War Memorials.  Copies of these leaflets can be downloaded from the website – hard copies can also be provided if required.


Source/ Doc. No.



Advice on Maintenance of War Memorials 

English Heritage - War Memorials Trust 56


Brief overview of the English Heritage guide to War memorial conservation

Caring for Historic Graveyard and Cemetery Monuments 

English Heritage - War Memorials Trust


Detailed guidance for anyone involved in maintenance and restoration of monuments

Churches containing war memorials 

War Memorials Trust 116


For memorials in churchyards, notes on planning, funding and contacts for advice

Conservation - Biocides and Detergents 

War Memorials Trust 206


Information on the correct Biocides to use to remove lichen and what not to use

Conservation - Brass 

War Memorials Trust 255


Cleaning, over-cleaning and handling advice

Conservation - Bronze 

War Memorials Trust 124


Advice to use specialist cleaners and details of contractors on the Conservation Register

Conservation - Cleaning limestone 

War Memorials Trust 256


How not to damage limestone during cleaning and what techniques not to use

Conservation - Concrete 

War Memorials Trust 205


Issues with concrete and repair advice

Conservation - Lichens 

War Memorials Trust 254


Advice on protected Lichens, whether to remove unprotected Lichens or not and if so how to do it with the least possible damage to the stonework

Conservation - Mortars and War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 126


Advice on the correct mortars to use, probably lime, colouring and the correct use of qualified professionals.  In general, cement mortars should not be used.

Conservation - Contacts 

War Memorials Trust 50


Addresses of organisations with an interest in conservation

Conservation - Preparing a Method Statement 

War Memorials Trust 48


Advice on how to prepare a "Method Statement" which is required for any grant application and should be prepared in any case as a sound basis for the project.

Conservation - Principles 

War Memorials Trust 257


War Memorials Trust principles for conservation.

Custodians Advice - Looking After Your War Memorial 

War Memorials Trust 119


High level advice on conservation, renovation, maintenance, the law and community involvement

Dedication and rededication Ceremonies 

War Memorials Trust 62


Suggested "Order of Service" for a rededication of a War Memorial after restoration.

Fundraising for War Memorial Projects 

War Memorials Trust 59


Suggestions of how to raise funds

Importance of War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 64


As per the title

Insurance for War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 118


Details of companies that will insure War Memorials

Ownership of War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 120


Identifying ownership

Parliamentary Acts Related to War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 121


Legislation relating to War Memorials

Photographing War Memorials 

War Memorials Trust 139


Advice on a full photographic assessment and record of the War Memorial

Researching the History of a War Memorial 

War Memorials Trust 122


How to carry out research into the history of the War Memorial – an activity we have started but are meeting with little success.  The Memorial is registered with the War Memorials Archive (Ref: 13421), described as 

  •  Foliated Sandstone Cross On Six Faceted Tapering Pillar.
  • Shields In Relief.  Three Figures: Female Angel, St George And St Michael.

But there is no detail on its history

Researching the Names on a War Memorial 

War Memorials Trust 123


The main thrust of our "Tutbury Book of Remembrance" project

Setting up a Local Group to Look After Your War Memorial 

War Memorials Trust 260


Suggestions on how to set up a local group to look after the War Memorial, charity status issues and a draft constitution.  Could this be a sub-committee of the Civic Society?

War Memorial Condition Survey Form 

War Memorials Trust 44


As per the title – to be completed at the beginning of the conservation/ renovation to assess requirements

War Memorial Theft 

English Heritage - War Memorials Trust 189


Advice on theft issues and risk management

War Memorials in England and Wales - Guidance for Custodians 

Department for Constitutional Affairs-War Memorials Trust- 60


High level advice from the Department for Constitutional Affairs

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