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This page last updated 26 January 2017

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Wreath Holder Faculty Awarded

26 January 2017

Today we have received notice that the Chancellor of the Consistory Court, His Honour Judge Eyre QC, has granted the Faculty Petition for two Wreath Holders near the War Memorial in the churchyard of Tutbury Priory Church, rejecting the Objections from Historic England and Tutbury Parish Council.

It is expected that the Wreath Holders will be created (by Dragon Forge) and installed during the first half of 2017.

The paperwork for the Faculty, and particularly the Chancellors Judgement, can be found in the links below:

1 - Wreath Holder Faculty - Cover Letter

2 - Wreath Holder Faculty - Form 7 - Faculty No. 4271

3 - Wreath Holder Faculty - Form 8 Certificate of Completion

4 - Wreath Holder Faculty - Judgement

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