Those Remembered - Tutbury War Memorials" /> Those Remembered - Tutbury War Memorials" />

Those Remembered

Those Remembered

There are inscriptions on four bronze plaques and in stone around the base of the plinth:

Front (west) bronze plaque

In grateful memory of
Tutbury men
 who gave their lives in their
country’s defence in the
Great War 1914-1919[1]

[1] In different places the end of WWI is variously given as 1918 and 1919.  1918 was the Armistice and to the fighting servicemen this was the end of the war.  1919 was the year that the peace settlement was signed and the official end to the war

WWI Plaque 1

William E Priestley
John J Kidd
Ernest Woodall
Ernest Plumb
Robert Radford
William Gent
Charles Bull
James Worrall
George E Bentley
Wilfred Powell
Frederick Bannister
W Trafford Newton  

George F Bennett
Charles Bond
Tom Merrey
Thomas Coates
James Nash
Arthur Treadwell
Edwin Powell
William Cook
Joseph Talbot
William Bentley
Frederick Bennett
Samuel Woodall

WWI Plaque 2

George Causer
Abraham Farmer
Eric Dunicliffe
Stephen Leedham
William Hinds
James Hand
William Smith
Edwin Broughton
William Wheeldon
Albert Timmins
Ernest A Perkins
George Fearn

Joseph Pegg
Jack Leadbetter
Alfred Brettell
Samuel Wheat
William H Parker
Harry Allsop
David Bond
Frederick Smith
Ogden Pateman
E Frank Hadland
Alfred J Parker

WWII Plaque

Charles W Bull
Alfred Clews
Arthur Eaton
Richard A Fuller
Sydney H Jones
George Millward

Daniel W

H F Michael Oates
Frank T Ratcliff
Alan T Sanders
Leonard P Shipley
Robert C Thorn
Raymond C Watson


Base of the Plinth in stone

Greater love hath no man than this that a man lay down his life for his friends

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