Wreath Holders

Why a Wreath Holder?

It is the policy of St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury, in common with many other churches, to leave wreaths on display until the beginning of October followed by a month with no wreaths, and then the laying of new wreaths on Remembrance Sunday during the parade and service.  Policies such as this are decided locally by the custodian of the Memorial (Royal British Legion – When should wreaths be removed after Remembrance Sunday?)

The War Memorials Trust recommends that wreaths (or any other object) are not left lying on a memorial for any length of time, as it will cause marking of the stone and in places encourage the growth of lichen and moss (War Memorials Trust – Wreaths and Memorials).

This is critical for the long-term preservation of the Memorial.

As well as needing to resolve this problem, we have two other problems.  The first is that the wreaths blow away every time there is even a moderate wind (we found one wreath that had been under a tree round the back of the church for the last two years!).  The second problem is that wreaths laid flat gather water in the centre, and after a while they deteriorate an the wording become illegible.

The recommended solution to this problem is a Wreath Holder – except that no one sells anything under that name that would do the job.

Wreaths will still be laid on the Memorial at the Remembrance Service and (subject to weather conditions) left there for one to two weeks before being mounted on the Wreath Holders for long term display.

Wreath Holder Design

Many War Memorials have railings around them that Remembrance Wreaths can be attached to, but not at St. Mary’s (railings would be unsuitable for the setting of the Memorial – it was designed and built to sit in an open aspect).  

Therefore, in 2014 we decided to experiment and learn – details of the experiment and lessons learned can be read here.

This has led on to an overall design, detailed designs and a preferred location.


The outline design has been seen by the Secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee –the preliminary advice is that the Wreath Holders would be likely to be recommended for a Faculty if the final design is of suitably high quality.

We have therefore contacted a number of companies for quotes for building and installing the Wreath Holders.  This list has been narrowed to two companies with whom we having detailed discussions.

When a single contractor has been selected, a detailed design will be drawn up and then a submission will be made to the Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) for a Faculty (ecclesiastical planning permission).  The first step on this path is for the Parochial Church Council of St. Mary’s to pass a Resolution in support of the project – this has now been done.


A major contribution to the funding of the Wreath Holders has been made by British Gypsum (photo here) – British Gypsum have strong ties to the Memorial as 15 of the 47 WWI Fallen were connected with the plaster trade, working either in the Fauld mines or in the plaster mill.


We are attempting to keep anyone who is interested in the subject aware of our progress by means of newsletters, Facebook updates, this website and face to face meetings such as our attendance at the Tutbury Parish Council meeting on 19th October 2015.

The meeting whttp://www.tutburywarmemorials.org.uk/TWMP-MI-031%20Tutbury%20Parish%20Council’s%20Objections%20to%20Wreath%20Holders%20-%20Response%20V2.pdfith the Council was in response to their objections to the Wreath Holders.  The Committee’s response can be read here and the Parish Council’s minutes of the meeting can be seen here.

For anyone who wants to object formally to the proposals, there will be a 28 day period following any recommendation for a Faculty by the DAC during which anyone can object.   In order to know when to do this, please keep an eye on St. Mary’s notice board by the South Door or contact us to be updated directly.

If you would like to be kept informed, please contact us and we will add you to the distribution list.

Details of the Wreath Holder project can be found on these pages:


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