Wreath Holder Design

After much deliberation, it has been decided to have two Wreath Holders, each capable of carrying 8 standard sized Remembrance Wreaths on the front and a further 8 on the back if necessary, therefore a total capacity of 32 (in 2015 there were 18 Wreaths, in 2016 there were 17).

The 8 Wreaths on each Wreath Holder would be split into two panels of 4, the centre of each panel being a poppy motif.  This design ensured that the Wreath Holders are relatively low and by placing them behind the Memorial, they are visually subservient to it.

The pictures below show a schematic of the design of a Wreath Holder, the same schematic but with Remembrance Wreaths and Remembrance Crosses attached and a plan view.  The angled design shown in the plan view is to echo the angled design of the Memorial.

The Poppy design shown is only indicative, the final design is subject to further discussion.

The metalwork will be hot-dip galvanised and then a vinyl final black paint will be applied to minimise long term maintenance.  The panels will be installed in a gravel strip so that grass cutting will not be impacted by the structure and also the posts will not be subject to damage from grass strimmers.

Clock on the pictures for a larger image.


Ref: 01 Wreath Holder Design V11_Original 1

Ref: 02 Wreath Holder Design V11_Original 2

Ref: 08 Wreath Holder Design V11_Option 3B

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