About the SCWM 2013

When the people of the Tutbury area erected the Stone Cross War Memorial in St. Mary’s Priory Churchyard after the First World War, funded by public subscription, it was a fitting memorial to the men they knew who had Fallen in the war.  Similarly when a further 13 names were added after the Second World War.

Now, nearly 99 years after the start of the First World War and 74 years after the start of the Second World War, the Stone Cross War Memorial is in poor condition – the mortar has gone from many joints, lichens are eating away at the now dirty stone and the name plaques are badly discoloured; there also appears to be some subsidence.

With the many anniversaries of both world wars approaching there has never been a more opportune time to conserve and if possible repair the Memorial in respect to the fallen of both wars.  

This website will be used to document everything known about the Stone Cross War Memorial and the other Tutbury Memorials to the Fallen of the two World Wars that most people do not know about (including two that are now missing).

It will also record the activities of the Tutbury War Memorials Conservation Committee (TWMCC), a group of people who are interested in conserving and where possible repairing the Stone Cross memorial and any of the other memorials if it is needed.

If you have any comments, extra information or are willing to get involved please contact us via the contact page.

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