Tutbury WW II Roll of Honour

The Tutbury WWII Roll of Honour

Photographs Wanted!

Were your family in the Tutbury area during WWIIThen we need your help!

The Tutbury WWII Roll of Honour is hand written-book that is too fragile to be put on public display.  It was written by Mr R Farmer in beautiful calligraphy (examples shown).

Therefore we are creating a copy of the book that will be available for everyone to see at St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury and the Tutbury Museum (when Covid-19 allows) – the book will also be available to purchase at printing cost.

We thought it would make the book more meaningful to the people of Tutbury if we could include as many photographs as possible of the men on the Roll of Honour.  They will be the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, great uncles etc. of people alive today.

Do you have a family member who lived in Tutbury during WWII and served in the armed forces who is on the Roll of Honour (see the list below)?  Do you have a photograph of him (at any age) that we could take/have a copy of?  If so please contact us via the form below.  If you do not have a photograph, contact us anyway and let us know something about your relative so that we can add it to this book.

The first list below shows the names of all the Tutbury men who served in the armed forces in WWII as listed in the WWII Roll of Honour, including those who died.

The second list gives the names of the Tutbury men who died in the Fauld Explosion, who are also listed in the WWII Roll of Honour.

If you have any photographs or details of someone on the lists please let us know using the form below – we would be honoured to add them the to the copy of the Tutbury WWII Roll of Honour.

** indicates that we have at least one picture.  The Contact Form is below the lists of names.

There is also a Royal British Legion (Tutbury branch c. 1947) photograph here – do you know any of the men on it?

A DoohanF McGibbonC K Swinson
R B AbellH DykeS McGibbon
D AdamsG T DykeF T McGuinnessD T Taverner
H E Adams
G W MearsE Thompson
W AdamsA Eaton **M G MeirsR C Thorn
G AdsheadL H EdwardsJ W MillsH Thornewell
P T AllenD EvansE MillwardA C Timms
L Allsop
G MillwardH Timms
S ArcherF FarmerJ T MorleyW Timms
G FearnF W MousleyA J Tipper
A G BaileyA D Fellows
D Tipper
E BakerE R FelthouseD A NashF S Tipper
R A BakerN R FrowF A NewburyS Tipper
T J BannisterR A FullerJ NewtonS J Tivey
A G Bamford
D J NichollsG Tomlinson
W BamfordA GentF NicklinJ Tomlinson
G BaxterC GentF NicklinW Tomlinson
A BellE J GentR H NicklinC H Toon
B BellF GentS NicklinE Townsend
E BellA E GoodmanT NicklinW R Treadwell
E R BellR H GuestW G Nicklin
D BellW R Guest
C F Udall
E Bell
H M OatesE G Udall
J I BellA T HadfieldH OwenC F Underwood
A BennettB HallH M OwenF J Underwood
C E BennettE F HallW OwenJ A Underwood
D BennettG T Hall
D BennettE F HarrisonH Parrick
G BennettW J HarlowA PassumW R Waite
H BennettW HarrodH PaveyH C Walker
J I BennettF HasletC PeggT Walker
W G BennettG HassantS PickeringJ R Ward
F S BillingsA S HaynesA J PowellG A Watson
T W BillingsV C HaynesW PressL R Watson
L BirdJ W HodsonG PriestleyR Watson
W C BirdE W HudsonH PriestleyD Watt
L BowringJ W HudsonT PriestleyH M Wedd
H Bradshaw
F H Wilson
E BridgesW G Illsley
G Wilson
M BrookesA G IronsH G RussellH Wilson
C BroughtonF J Irons
W J Wilson
J H P BryantW IronsA SandersE Williams
C W Bull **R G IrvingF SessionsJ Williams
G A Bull
S SessionsJ Withnall
R BullD B JohnsonS G Sharp **R Wheat
T W BurgessE JohnsonE C ShiltonS Wheat
A ButlerF W JohnsonH G ShiltonG H Wheeler
C J BuxtonP JohnsonL ShiltonG Wheeldon
W P E JohnsonW R ShiltonS Wheeldon
F CarfootE W A JonesL P Shipley **T Wheeldon
A ChapmanS H JonesM ShortmanW J Wheeldon
E ClampG JoyceG SlaterC G Wood
A Clews
C R SpraggK L Wood
G T CokayneG E KeelingD H SpraggL Wood
M ColtmanP J KellyE G SpraggJ Woodhall
D CompsonR KightleyR P SpraggD W Woolley **
L Compson
R SmithF J Woolley
D E CookF LaneP SmithG Woolley
F J CookJ A LeadbetterE A SmithG Woolley
G CookeS LesterF SmithG T Woolley
S C CooperT LesterJ W K SmithJ Woolley
L CopestakeA LillyL SmithS Woolley
L CoxonC E L LloydL SmithW F Wyatt
T L CoxonP J LoweR G Smith
J CroxallE J LudlamW Smith
R CroxallH LudlamW H SmithA Yates
S CroxallD E LygoC F StanleyK G Yates
E StanleyW A Yeomans
T G DawesP MacDonaldE R StanleyC H Young
N DaviesC H MarshallE F StanleyR Young
J DaviesF G MarshallF Stanley
W DicksonF W MarshallP A Stevens

Tutbury Roll of Honour – Fauld Explosion
Joseph Bell
James Brassington
Lawrence Cockayne
Lewis Frow
William Gent
Charles Hogg
Frederick Nicklin
Amrrose Patterson
Samuel Pickering
George Powell
George Priestley
Tom Sanders
Henry Shepherd
William Shepherd
George Smith
Ednam Woolley

Please contact us using the form below or Jane and Rick Nuth, Andricks Research Group,  81O 166  (O1283)

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