Tutbury WW II Roll of Honour – British Legion Photograph

The Tutbury WWII Roll of Honour
Royal British Legion Photograph

Do you know any of these men?

The three pictures below are taken from a photograph, circa 1947, of the Royal British Legion at Tutbury Castle.  They are the fathers, grandfathers, uncles and great uncles, or even family friends, of people alive today – do you  know any of them – we have listed those names that have been suggested so far. 

  •  Do you know any of the missing names?
  •  Do you have a picture of those on the Roll of Honour (RoH)

If so please get in touch with information or about photographs using the contact form at the bottom of the page stating the number and name of the person in the pictures.

Or contact Jane and Rick Nuth, Andricks Research Group,  81O 166  (O1283)

Note – the list of the names on the WWII Tutbury Roll of Honour can be found here.

The Centenary photographs can be found here

Picture 1

No.    Name                              RoH       Photo
01   ?

02   Frederick Tipper  Yes    No
03   Frederick Irons   Yes    No
04   Jack Leadbetter   Yes    No
05   Charlie Bennett   Yes    No
06   ?
07   Les Compson       Yes    Yes
30   Albert Smith      Yes    No
31   Albert Clare     No

c. 1947 British Legion at Tutbury Castle

Picture 2

No.  Name                                RoH       Photo
08 Jack Payne          No
09 Doug Compson        Yes    Yes
10 Dr Ian Mackenzie    No
11 Les Copestake       Yes    Yes
12 ?
13 ?
14 Len Wood            Yes    No
15 ?
32 ?
33 ?
34 Jack Lowe            No
35 ?
c. 1947 British Legion at Tutbury Castle


Picture 3

No.  Name                                 RoH       Photo
16 ?
17 ?
18 ?
19 Thomas Ward          No
20 Colin Redfern??      No
21 Tom Billings         Yes    No
22 Wally Fife           No
23 Joe Withnall?        Yes    No
36 William (Bill) Hill  No
37 ?
38 ?
c. 1947 British Legion at Tutbury Castle

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