Remembrance Wreaths

Remembrance Wreaths

As part of the Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service, wreath are laid on the War Memorial by any organisation or individual who wishes to do so.  It is policy at St. Mary’s, Tutbury for the wreaths to be left on display until October 1st the following year.  Because the wreaths are on display for so long they cannot be left lying on the memorial as they cause the stone to discolour and encourage lichen to grow.  They also tend to get blown round the churchyard and if left flat, fill with rain and the centres fade and discolour.

Therefore in 2014 we are experimenting with a wreath holder.  It is highly likely there will be problems that we will learn from to create an improved one for 2015.  The wreaths have been attached to the wreath holder in the British Legion Order of Precedence, going left and then down from the top row, right (nearest the War Memorial).  The majority of wreaths are classed by the RBL as “members of the public” and so they are ordered alphabetically; because of lack of space, three wreaths have had to be attached to the rear of the holder – see Wreath Holders for more detail.

Click on the pictures below for a larger image.  If you have any suggestions for improvement, any questions or see a problem then please get in touch through the contact page.

Ref: 20141213 153529

Ref: 20141213 153540

Ref: 20141213 153658

Ref: 20141213 153744

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