WMT Grant

War Memorials Trust – Grant Application

Pre-Application Submission

The documents below comprise the pre-application submission required for the War Memorials Trust grant application.

Alternatively, the complete set of documents can be downloaded from this zip file:

Documents approx. 3mb

If you have any comments or thoughts then please contact us.

DocDocument Name Source
5192-1 Grants Pre-Application Form – Tutbury Stone Cross War MemorialTWMPC
13TWMP-SC-801 Project PlanTWMPC
Drawings and Photographs
25TWMP-SC-091 1017_001_Ground_Plan_ExistingSmith & Roper
26TWMP-SC-097 1017_002A_Ground_Plan_Proposed – FinalSmith & Roper
27TWMP-SC-101 1017_003_Elevations_as_existingSmith & Roper
28TWMP-SC-107 1017_004A_Elevations_as_proposed  – FinalSmith & Roper
29PhotographsSmith & Roper /TWMPC
Technical Descriptions
31TWMP-SC-077 1017 RIS Condition Survey Report – FinalSmith & Roper
32TWMP-SC-082 1017 Specification of Materials and Works – FinalSmith & Roper
33TWMP-SC-086 1017 Structural ReportSmith & Roper

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