Petition for a Faculty – Conservation

For the work specified in the project reports from Smith & Roper (see Phase I Report) to go ahead, we first need permission from the church.  This is because the War Memorial is in Tutbury St. Mary’s Priory Church churchyard.  We also need agreement from English Heritage as the Memorial is in the curtilage of the Grade I listed church building.

Permission is obtained by submitting a Petition for a Faculty (the church equivalent of planning permission) to the Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) with supporting documentation.  If the DAC supports the proposals, there is a 28 day period of public consultation and then the Petition is submitted to the Chancellor of the Consistory Court and Registry for a decision.  English Heritage will receive a copy of the Petition and they will respond directly to us and copy to the DAC.

Our planned schedule is to submit the Petition in time for the DAC meeting on 7th October. If all goes well we may receive permission from the Chancellor by the end of November (although we will know the view of the DAC in early October).  The English Heritage timescale is less clear.

Below are the documents that form the Petition and its support.

Alternatively, the complete set can be downloaded from these two zip files:

Note that documents [05A] [06A] are the scans of the signed paper versions of the documents and are hence not searchable; they are only included as proof of authority of the documents and are not included in the zip  file, only as the individual documents below.

and If you have any comments or thoughts then please contact us.

DocDocument Name Source
1Cover letter – Diocesan Advisory CommitteePCC/TWMPC
2Cover letter – English HeritagePCC/TWMPC
3TWMP-PE-011 Faculty Document IndexTWMPC
Petition Form
5Form 1A – Standard InformationPCC/TWMPC
05AForm 1A – Standard Information (Signed document, scanned)PCC/TWMPC
6Form 3A – Petition for a FacultyPCC/TWMPC
06AForm 3A – Petition for a Faculty (Signed document, scanned)PCC/TWMPC
1) Statement of Significance and Needs
11TWMP-PE-016 Statement of Significance – Tutbury St. Mary’s War MemorialTWMPC
12TWMP-PE-021 Statement of Need – Tutbury St. Mary’s War Memorial PreservationTWMPC
13TWMP-SC-801 Project PlanTWMPC
2) Drawings and Photographs
21TWMP-PE-031 Site Plan – War Memorial, Tutbury St. Mary’sTWMPC
22TWMP-PE-036 Block Plan – War Memorial, Tutbury St. Mary’sTWMPC
23TWMP-MM-015 War Graves and Memorials PamphletTWMPC
24TWMP-MM-021 St Mary’s Tutbury Churchyard Map – Tree Protection OrdersTWMPC/ESBC
25TWMP-SC-091 1017_001_Ground_Plan_ExistingSmith & Roper
26TWMP-SC-097 1017_002A_Ground_Plan_Proposed – FinalSmith & Roper
27TWMP-SC-101 1017_003_Elevations_as_existingSmith & Roper
28TWMP-SC-107 1017_004A_Elevations_as_proposed  – FinalSmith & Roper
29PhotographsSmith & Roper /TWMPC
3) Technical Descriptions
31TWMP-SC-077 1017 RIS Condition Survey Report – FinalSmith & Roper
32TWMP-SC-082 1017 Specification of Materials and Works – FinalSmith & Roper
33TWMP-SC-086 1017 Structural ReportSmith & Roper
4) Evidence of Consultation
41TWMP-PE-026 ConsultationsTWMPC
422013 08 27 English Heritage Consultation QueryEnglish Heritage
432014 07 11-1 ESBC Planning ResponseESBC
442014 07 11-2 ESBC Planning Conservation ResponseESBC
PCC Resolution (signed)TWMPC/PCC

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