Preservation Project

A project is now underway to preserve and conserve the Stone Cross War Memorial.  Version 2 of the full project specification can be read here.  The phases and stages of the project are:

 Phase I – Review

Phase I – Stage A – Create a shortlist of Conservation Architects for Phase I Stage D

Phase I – Stage B – Obtain Quotes for Phase I Stage D

Phase I – Stage C – Obtain Funds for Phase I Stage D

Phase I – Stage D – Review and Analysis of the SCWM

Phase I – Stage E – Determine Phase II Management Structure

 Phase II – Preservation

Phase II – Stage A – Obtain Agreements and Permissions

Phase II – Stage B – Obtain Quotes for Phase II D

Phase II – Stage C – Obtain Funds for Phase II D

Phase II – Stage D – Preservation of the SCWM

The Review phase of the project will assess the state of the SCWM, including its stability, and produce a Statement of Work that a Conservation Contractor can work to.  The assessment needs to be done by an accredited Conservation Architect to meet the requirements of the War Memorials Trust grants and the Faculty requirements of the Church.  A shortlist (Phase I Stage A) has been drawn up from the official register and a request for quotation sent out (Phase I Stage B); four responses were received and have been assessed.

The overall project timescale is currently expected to be as shown below.

Phase/ StageTitleStatusNotesTime Scale
I/AArchitect ShortlistCompletedShortlist of four selected based on scale of projects dealt with (small), distance from site, previous project relevance, listed on Lichfield Diocesan Advisory Council Quinquennial inspection approved list (one selected from Derby area) 3Q 20133Q 2013
I/BQuotes for I.DCompletedFour quotes receivedOctober 1, 2013
12 Nov 2013 – after discussion with the War Memorials Trust the Committee have selectedSmith & Roper of Bakewell to execute Phase I of the project.
I/CFunds for I.DActivePre-application to the War Memorials Trust accepted, full application under the Small Grant Scheme now being formulated.  Other sources of funding are also being sought.February 1, 2014
I/DReview and Analysis1Q 2014
I/EManagement Structure for Phase II1Q 2014
II/APermissions2Q 2014
II/BQuotes for II.D3Q 2014
II/CFunds for II.D1Q 2015
II/DPreservation2Q 2015

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