Congregational Plaque

Congregational Church Memorial Plaque

Some years ago Robert Minchin did an exhaustive survey of all the memorials in Tutbury covering the churchyards, church interiors, museum, etc.  

Part of this survey records a “framed war memorial”  “on the balcony” of the Congregational, Ebenezer,  church in Monk Street, recording 7 men who Fell during WWI and a further 26 who served.  

We have been told that it was thought to have been damaged during the restoration of the church and the remains discarded, which seems very sad.  We were also told that the balcony was only a storage location, not the memorial’s original location.  Information about the restoration was on the Congregational website but has subsequently been removed  – contact the Ebenezer Chapel via the Congregational Federation website.

If anyone has any information about the Congregational Church’s memorial, particularly a photograph or details of it’s origins or demise, we would be most grateful – please contact us.

The names on the Plaque are recorded as:

Those who fell:

George Bentley
William Bentley
David Bond
George Fearn
Jack Leadbetter
Tom Merry
William Priestley

Those who served:

Raymond Archer
T H Bailey
Harry Bentley
Frank Blood
Mark Blood
Arthur Bridges
Walter Chapman
Charles Cook
Charles Copestake
Richard Copestake
Charles Crossley
Francis George Crossley
Frederick Crossley
Henry Gorton
George Lowe
John Lowe
William Parker
Joe Priestley
Richard Pye
G H Ratcliffe
Arthur Smith
Charles Smy
Thomas Smy
William Timms
Sidney Woodhall
Roger Woolley

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